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Beginning your research paper: 5 vital prompts

Academic research is not an easy thing to do and although you may not want to do it professionally after you graduate, the truth is that sooner or later you will have to go through it. Regardless of the field of your study, you will sooner or later be asked to write a research paper and if you are not familiar with what this means, this will appear to be almost scary for you. However, you should not worry. After so many years of schooling, you will most likely know how to do this without even stressing out too much (even if you unconsciously know it).

Starting the research writing process can be the very most difficult thing about this entire assignment. Even more, knowing how to begin your research paper and writing those first couple of sentences can actually turn into a nightmare. Follow the next tips if you want to learn more about how to do actually begin your research paper and give yourself a good head-start.

  1. First and foremost, be optimistic about this paper. Thinking that you cannot do it will block your mind and you will not be able to actually put on paper those first few words. You can actually do this and it is all about how much you want to do it.
  2. If no idea comes to your mind, do some free-writing. Although this may not always be recommended when writing academic papers, the truth is that it can give you some pretty good ideas on what to write about. Simply start writing about the topic of your research paper and then clean everything off and only keep the best ideas (but do make sure to insert proper references where they are needed).
  3. The introduction of your paper should clearly state the purpose of your research. Simply introduce the reader into the subject (do it as briefly as possible, but be convincing about the importance of your topic) and then state very clearly why it is that you chose to research that particular niche.
  4. Avoid at all costs using first person pronouns and verbs. Remember that this is not an argumentative essay and that it is even less of a creative writing exercise. This should be authoritative and it should be as formal as possible.
  5. Last, but definitely not least, do not postpone beginning your research paper. Even if you have all your research done and organized, do not postpone those first few sentences. You want to allow yourself enough time to write, check and possibly re-check everything before you submit it to your teacher.

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