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It becomes very traumatic for any parties going through a divorce process. There is a possibility that children suffer after their parents go through the divorce. However, this depends on how parents handle the situation. It is important, therefore, to ensure that children are treated carefully to avoid devastation. However, the most difficult thing for most people is life rebuilding after divorce has occurred. The fact that things changes from being in a marriage to a life where one starts living without a husband or wife, requires one to be comfortable and gentle with life and also patient to learn coping skills. The situation may, however, be abnormal for the children. It is therefore upon parents to normalize the situation and offer guidance to them. The parent's important thing is to ensure that they help the children learn forgiveness though it may be a complicated process.

Causes of Divorce

There are obviously various reasons why couples go through a divorce. Things change every day and happily married couples start falling apart gradually for different reasons. Divorce means that a couple is unable to maintain and have had a lot of difficulties in their marriage. Failure to deal and cope with problems that arise in marriages finally leads to divorce. One of the most common reasons why marriages fail and end up in divorce is Communication. Failure for couples to have and maintain proper, and good communication with each other is very common and one of the main causes of divorce between couples. Minor problems which couples fail to talk about become major issues. Arguments thus become common and they end up hurting each other and the marriage may end up in a divorce. The other reason is the role change in the community. Today, women have greater roles other than staying at home and being housewives. They earn higher income as compared to the recent past. Conflicts of who should play what role including providing for the family and how much each should contribute to the family has led to divorces. This is fuelled by the fact that women are nowadays independent.

Effects of Divorce

One of the negative impacts of a divorce is that children in the family may suffer in the process. Some may not even understand what happens between their parents. Some even end up leaving their homes after their parents’ divorce. A positive effect is that one may not be committed to a spouse and may use more time doing things that better their quality of life.

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