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What to Write in a Bioethics Essay

This does not sound like an essay worth undertaking! Regardless, some topics you simply happen across and will need to do them. Now bioethics isn’t really one of them unless it’s the focus of your class or a topic to be touched upon in your course. Who knows, you probably selected bioethics. Imagine that.

In short, bioethics is the study of ethics—controversial ethics—that occur in regards to advancements in the medical and biology fields. Essentially, it’s morals in relations to science and how far science should “go” exactly. We’ve provided a few bioethics subjects that might pique your interest and give you a spark as to what to write about.


  • Animal cloning.
  • Are humans the only beings capable of experiencing fear and pain? If so, how do we as humans prepare ourselves to carry what could be questionable experiments knowing what they will do to another living being? Do we merely distance ourselves from compassion? Do we justify I as this other being wouldn’t understand the significance what is about to happen and the possible end result?
  • If we are not the only beings capable of experiencing fear and pain do we continue on with such procedures anyways? Does it matter if these other beings can or can’t feel and experience pain and fear? Do the ends truly justify the means?
  • Abortion and where does life begin.
  • Euthanasia.
  • Manipulating genes and the body through medical and scientific means to achieve something beyond its normal capabilities.
  • The administering of medical services to those who can’t afford them or when resources and such are limited.
  • Body part replacement.
  • Morally what is a human being’s place in interfering with the nature’s course in longevity and human genetics?
  • Stem cells.
  • Religion’s role in medical and biological concerns.

With this list of topics, you should be able to start researching and forming the essentials of what you will discuss, what side you will take (if any), and this all might provide some food for thought along the way.

Remember, when discussing issues of science its best not to spare the facts and statistics. If they’re there and they add some weight to your point or the side you represent, it would be best to elaborate on it, but at the same time refrain from bogging down your essay with too much data. Flow is essential with essays and it shouldn’t be too slow or too fast for the reader.

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