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Creating research paper title

Making up a title is a really difficult thing, especially when it’s a research paper that you are still working on. There are a number of ways that you can try to develop a research paper title, and honestly, no one way is better than another. Find one that works for you and stick with it. Here are a few ideas that can help you with developing a research paper title.

  1. Don’t title it until you actually finish it. You can’t really give something a title until you know what it looks like. Yes, you can have a vague idea after you’ve drawn the whole thing out, but you still may not where to go until it’s actually written. There are times you may go through several different titles before you’re done.
  2. What is the theme of your research paper? I’m not talking about vague terms; what is the basic idea that you’re trying to convey with your research paper? If you have a set out thesis, you can use that to help develop your title as well.
  3. Who is reading your research paper? If you’re just writing an essay, you may be trying to draw in an audience with something brief and catchy. But, if you’re writing a research paper, you want to give them a broader idea of what’s going on. Your thesis may be handy in here as well.
  4. Is there something in your research paper that basically sums up what you’re talking about? I’m talking other than the thesis; is there a quote that you pulled out or a piece of research that helped you to determine where you were going with the paper? You may be able to utilize that in your title.
  5. Don’t leave it to be too plain. Some people will just write a bunch of words in order to try and convey their whole idea. Get creative with it; but remember, it’s a research paper. Getting too witty may actually be a disadvantage rather than an advantage. You want something creative, but not flashy; warm and welcoming, but not too casual.
  6. Have someone else read your paper. Sometimes, the best way to get a title is by asking someone else to read it and see what may be a good title for you to use.

Your research paper title is the first glimpse into your paper that someone will get. So developing a title that adequately describes what you’re doing without scaring people off is absolutely vital.

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