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Research paper writing help: picking new problems

The research paper is an innovative dissertation which corresponds to your ideas after surveying the library books. After meeting and accumulating material data you come up with a final research paper that contains clear conclusion and your creative interpretation. At each point and step you must be well aware that what you have done so far and what will you be doing next.

  • Before you order your research paper at mypaperdone.com, you have to set up a certain course and a broad region to examine.
  • The course, later on, will change partially or wholly. But every direction will guide you to pick new problems and search for them. What you have to do is start researching on that specific problem and conclude with a result.
  • After topic selection, you have to review the past literature about the topic.
  • The literature review will help you to brainstorm and put research questions.
  • The research question will then pose a problem, which will become the problem statement. By literature review and analyzing the ideas of others, you will find a new problem that will become the aim of your research.
  • You have to make a proposal of your research after looking at the literature. The proposal or synopsis designates that how you have perceived the article’s points. The proposal should be written in your own words containing your personal ideas.
  • The literature on the topic you have selected for your research may contain such data which in your opinion should be written in some other context. This controversy leads you to make new statements and pick new problems for your research.
  • You can also discover that ideas which are left unattended by the past researchers.
  • If you are reading a newspaper and you read a headline which appeals to you or grabs your interest then you can make that idea the problem statement of your research paper.
  • Research papers are written by picking a problem and researching for its solution.
  • What you have to keep in mind is not to write all your ideas. Write something which has been proven by facts and research. Along with your personal research you also have to depend on past literature.
  • In the proposal of your research paper you must indicate that problem you have picked for research as well as the sources from where you will gather information.

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