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Is Dissertation Purchase Legal?

By the laws of your country or state, purchasing a dissertation is very legal. You’re not smuggling drugs or other illicit items, selling people, or committing harmful fraud. You’re simply paying to have your dissertation done for you.

The only time the legal status of dissertation purchase should come up is if you’re pursuing charges against a scam site which can be difficult. This isn’t because you’re getting a phony paper and plan to pass it off as if you did the work, but because scam sites can and often will vanish as quickly as they popped up when “lawsuit” lands on their doorstep.

Honor Code

While purchasing your dissertation isn’t legal, you do run into an issue of academic crime if the legitimacy of your paper is brought up. Let’s face it; the paper isn’t legit if you could take the time to do your most important paper so that you could properly enter the field as an expert. There’s no way around it. All of the other essays you’ve done before your dissertation could’ve been tackled by essay writers. Big deal…sure they are subject to academic crime as well, but big deal nonetheless. However, the dissertation is meant purely for you to do. It’s supposed to be your finest moment in academic writing and your academic career.

It’s as if an Olympic runner got someone to run the gold medal race for them, basically.

Back to academic crime. Even though you’re not on the chopping block to be arrested or anything, you can get expelled or suspended for violating the school’s honor code. While some don’t make explicit note of their honor codes, most universities and colleges have them in place to discourage cheating and such behavior. If you get the boot for it, you really have no legal grounds unless the school in question can’t prove that you got the paper written (or that you cheated on a test and so on).

In short, you knew what you were getting into when you paid for the paper to be done and you knew what you were violating with the school’s stance on such things. Your best bet is to make sure that others have used the service. There’s really no way for the school to find out that your dissertation is bogus in nature unless the service informs them and gives them proof after all.

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