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How to write and present a PhD thesis

Writing a PhD thesis involves planning ahead and finding solid information to help you write a credible paper. Some are known to get overwhelmed at a task of this capacity but taking smaller steps to help you complete it while managing your time can help you get the advantage you need to get it done in a timely manner. The following points are a few areas to help you get started.

  • Create an outline. This may include possible chapter sections, headings, and subheadings. This helps you understand what exactly you need to research and write while being in the order of final presentation. This also allows you to work on parts of the PhD thesis out of order; you can work on the easier parts first.
  • Get an idea on how your content will be organized; this will help during research. Your outline should help you do this and you may want to study the structure of the thesis alone to help you get familiar with content you will search for.
  • Set a schedule to help you work on your thesis. Depending on what is necessary, content length, and deadline, you should create a schedule that will help you work on your project without pressure or stress. Work during times of the day with less distractions and try to stick to your schedule until you finish your project.
  • Start research and take notes. Take good notes when you begin research and remember to take notes on reference material you will need to mention when citing sources. You can also use note cards to help you organize your findings.
  • Put it together using your outline to help you organize your findings. Once you have collected your data you can begin to organize your content. Keep in mind your outline may help you do this and some students use their outline to help them collect data and organize it at the same time.
  • Rewrite and revise your draft. Create your draft and go back over your content afterwards. Compare your content as you make revisions and refine your information. Check order of presentation of content and make changes as needed.
  • Proofread and edit. Once you have written your final draft you can read over your content and check spelling, grammar and word usage.
  • Review guidelines for formatting. Follow your formatting style guidelines and seek samples when necessary for further clarification.

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