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Who Can Help Me Pick Good Topics For A Research Paper in High School

Do you need help brainstorming topic ideas for your High School research paper? Here are some people who can help you out:

  1. A Classmate
  2. Working in peers for the preliminary brainstorming process is a good idea. You can bounce ideas off one another and try to come up with some unique insights. Sometimes just talking about a topic that you are thinking about researching can help to get the ideas flowing. Sit together and make a list of potential research concepts, then help one another narrow it down.

    Another suggestion we can offer is working in a study group. If you are having trouble with your research paper chances are so are some of your classmates. Work together so that you can all hand in strong papers.

  3. An Older Sibling
  4. Do you have a sibling who is in College or University? Asking someone who has already graduated from High School for help with your research project can be helpful. Because it wasn’t too long ago that they were in your shoes they may have some suggestions for what they would of written on if they could go back. They may even have some pointers for impressing your instructor.

  5. Your Parents
  6. I know you probably don’t want to hear this but your parents may also provide some insight about a good research paper topic. They are older and have more experience they may have a suggestion based on current world events or history that could be developed into a great thesis. Believe it or not they were also a teenager like you once. Like an older sibling they may also know a few tips for wowing High School instructors.

  7. Your Instructor
  8. Lastly, your teacher is not just there as a figurehead. They know how to teach and will be the best place to go if your require help.

    Hopefully, your instructor is willing to assist you with developing a topic to research. If you speak to them one on one they may even provide you with some insider information about what they are looking for. Don’t be afraid to ask for an example if you are unclear about the assignments criteria. They will even be able to help you refine your thesis in order to develop a great composition.

    Many students don’t like to go to their instructors because it is considered geeky or nerdy. However, smart students know better. This is a great opportunity to work to improve your grades.

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