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Narrative Essay Topics: 20 Exciting Ideas

Narrative essay writing includes writing about ideas, thoughts and situations related to the writer of the essay. This means you will provide insight behind your topic based on what you know. This can be a fun and unique form of writing as it includes how you respond to something. When selecting a topic think about your own opinions and feelings and how you will write them on paper.

What You Should Know When Writing Narrative Essay Papers

A narrative writing assignment is like telling a story from your point of view. You are the narrator for the paper and you present what you know in your voice. This means your writing style should reflect how you would discuss your topic to another person. This can be an easy assignment with the right essay topic. This assignment is easy considering there are so many simple ideas you can write about. So, how can you develop writing prompts and potential topics?

How to Select a Good Topic for Narrative Essay Writing

When you think about narrative writing think about something you can discuss about yourself in your own words. Your topic selection should help you tell a story. This can be on just about anything you want as long as the subject helps you develop components necessary for a good essay. You can get ideas through example papers available through academic databases online. Research papers available by topic and compare your findings.

20 Possible Ideas to Help You Create Your Own Essay Topics

When in need inspiration to develop a good topic here are 20 potential ideas to consider.

  1. I like to eat…
  2. A place I love to visit.
  3. If I could fly.
  4. If I were Prime Minister or President.
  5. If I were rich.
  6. My favorite television plot.
  7. The prettiest thing I saw.
  8. My first memory.
  9. The easiest thing I have ever done.
  10. The hardest thing I had to do on my own.
  11. My phobia.
  12. My embarrassing moment.
  13. A gadget I can’t live without.
  14. What I see in the future.
  15. Things I would give up for good.
  16. What I can’t live without.
  17. Something I wish I could afford.
  18. When my parents were right.
  19. When I was wrong.
  20. To be someone else for a day.

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