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What Is A Good Topic For A Biology Research Paper - 5 Examples

Without a doubt a good topic for a biology research paper is one which is relevant but moreover which excites you. Listen to your teacher or professor when they explain the importance of the choice of topic. Is the topic something which you find interesting? Is it something in which you already have significant background knowledge? Is it a topic you are likely to study in more detail later in your course? The answer to each of those questions will be a guide in helping you choose a good topic.

Another important consideration is the popularity or lack thereof of your proposed topic. Imagine the person reading your biology research paper if the topic you have written about has already been chosen by a dozen or more of your fellow students. Always get your proposed topic approved by your teacher beforehand. Remember it might be possible to write about a popular topic but from an unusual point of view. A unique angle can create a unique paper.

One of the exciting aspects of the subject of biology is that it throws up such a vast range of potential topics for research papers. And even better is the fact that so many of these topics can be subdivided into even more topics. You certainly are spoilt for choice. Biology is also such an evolving subject. If contemporary topics are important in your choice of research papers, any basic study of today’s general news media will reveal many emerging subjects all linked to biology. The Ebola virus in Africa is a perfect example.

And one of the benefits of choosing a current topic is that there is an abundance of relevant research material freely available for your background study.

To illustrate the range of general topics and specific topics which flow from these, here are five examples to illustrate that fact.

  • DNA (General topic)
  • How has the development of the study of DNA assisted agencies in solving mysteries?

  • Conservation (General topic)
  • How important is the survival of plants and animals in determining global warming?

  • Dreams (General topic)
  • How does the study of dreams assist in helping people with mental illness?

  • Birth Defects (General topic)
  • How has research into birth defects influenced choices offered to parents?

  • The human heart (General topic)
  • What are the next stages of transplant organs set to be?

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