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Organizational Structure of Best Buy

Best Buy is a multinational retailer electronics company. It was founded by Richard M. Shuzle in 1966, and was known as The Sound of Music, which was just a small radio shop. The shop grew rapidly as in 1970 it made annual sales exceeding a million US dollars. Later the founder changed the shop’s name to Best Buy and put goods on the counter for the customer to easily access all goods. Since then, Best Buy grew to be the leading electronics retailer in the US and even ventured in other continents. It has around 180000 employees in over 2000 separate locations.

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Best Buy deals with products ranging from home appliances, to computers and many personal electronics. The store has some sub-organizations, the main being Geek Squad, Best Buy Mobile and the general Best Buy company. Geek Squad deals purely with computers and computer-support task force while Best Buy Mobile deals with mobile phones and the main store; Best Buy Company retails all kinds of electronics. This company is more of a traditional functional organization since employees are divided according to their function and sent to their respective departments and sub-organization. Geek Squad staff do not deal with mobile phones or refrigerators at any point, and neither do their staff. They have specialized duties.

In this company, information moves from top to bottom. The CEO heads Best Buy Company. The CEO passes information to the Company Executives. At this point, the company splits up to its three main sub-organizations. Each sub-organization has its own management. The senior most management level is the Corporate Staff who connect top level management to the down level management. The Corporate Staff gives information to Regional Managers. Best Buy has over 40 regions, and each region is made up of districts. Each district has its District Management that answers directly to the Regional Managers. Each district is comprised of around twenty stores. The stores are headed by General Managers who have their assistants. In each store, there are departments. Every department has its supervisor who answers to the General Manager. Staff in different departments have specialized jobs to do.

Communication in the company is like of a small company, from the CEO to the other staff. Communication is through an Employee News Feed, where base level employees get to acquire information from the corporate level employees. The company also uses an email system for communication between employees and management at all levels. All staff at all levels work under rules so as to fulfill their duties accordingly. In Best Buy stores, there are a list of objectives and goals of the company that the employees have to achieve.
Best Buy Company has a good structure though it has its drawbacks especially when it comes to communication since base level employees only receive information but do not send any. There are also political problems in the company, but even with the drawbacks, it has managed to come on top of the list. The structure has held the multinational in place up to date.

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