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How To Obtain An Argumentative Research Paper Sample At No Cost

  1. Introduction
  2. For the inexperienced, you may not know how to explore the internet and fully make use of all its resources.  When it comes to writing an argumentative research paper (especially the first time), you want to see examples of other research papers, but you do not want to pay for them.  Most websites will charge for you to see sample research papers, but some do not.  Right now, you may be wondering which websites do not charge, and that is perfectly understandable.

    First, you need to know how to surf the internet in order to get to these websites.  In layman’s terms, surfing the internet simply means looking around, or browsing the different websites available on the internet.  For instance, by reading this article, you are effectively surfing the internet.  A few of websites to get used to are:

    • Yahoo
    • MSN
    • Google
    • Bing

    Each of these websites are very important in your search for sample research papers.  You may not use all of them, since only one may be needed for your search, however, each site boasts different features, so checking each site out will help you decide which one you prefer to use.

  3. Search Engines
  4. The websites listed above all have what is called a search engine.  A search engine is a tool that you can use to look up keywords and phrases from sources all over the internet.  You will use the search engine on one of these websites to look for free sample research papers.  A few tricks to using these search engines are as follows:

    • Use this format when searching - free+argumentative+research+papers
    • When you want the words to be found together instead of separately put parentheses around it - for example “free+argumentative+research+papers”
    • If you do not want certain words to be a part of your search use this format - free+argumentative+research+papers-narrative

  5. Conclusion
  6. Now you have the tools and knowledge you need to find websites that have sample argumentative research papers for free.  If, by using the phrase from the bulleted list above, you are only able to find a couple of websites, you can change up the wording by adding words such as “free” or “sample,” or you can make it so that certain words do not show up in your search like “charge” or “fee.”  Also, there are multiple pages that will show up in each search, do not just stay on the first page and then try another phrase.  Check out the first few pages, as these will be the most relevant to your search.  Happy searching!

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