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Elements of a successful research paper intro

Let's be frank right from the very start. The first thing is that the introduction of a successful research paper is very important. You need to spend time and effort on this part of the research paper. If you skip over it and regard it as lightweight, you will do yourself a disservice. Sure the fact paragraphs where you put your argument in detail are the main parts of your research paper. But leading into them, introducing the reader to what you are going to say and argue about, all happens in the introduction and this too is vitally important.

The introduction of a successful research paper can be broken down into a number of parts.

  • choice of topic
  • opening sentence
  • summary of what is to follow
  • specific points which can be measured

It will be spoken of time and time again but the importance of the choice of topic of your research paper continues to be a stumbling block for some students. Choosing the right topic enables you to write the best possible introduction. The flip side of this statement is that if you choose the wrong topic, your introduction will lack conviction and that will in turn lead onto an unsuccessful research paper.

There are many people who argue that the opening sentence of your research paper introduction is the key to your success. If you can nail that, if you can come up with a cracking opening sentence you will have immediately grabbed the attention of the reader. You don't want the person examining your research paper to inwardly groan as they read your opening sentence. They want something new and fresh. They want something exciting and a new angle on an old topic is a perfect way to begin the perfect research paper introduction.

Remember that the introduction is a summary of what is to follow. You will make a thesis statement at the beginning of your research paper. You make this statement and then in as few words as possible explain why you believe this to be the case and how you will argue it. This is where you need to be an expert at précis writing. It is an art in itself. Look at the main points you are to make in the fact paragraphs and then write a short summary of each main point. Then reduce the summary even more. Only a taster of what is to follow should appear in your introduction.

And remember that the points you touch on in your introduction and which will be elaborated upon later in your research paper must be specific points. They must be able to be measured. You need to have proven research to support any argument you make in your research paper.

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