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I need fresh ideas for argumentative research paper topics

When writing an argumentative research paper you should look over the following information and see if any of the potential topics listed are inspirational to you or interesting to you:

  • Write a research paper about the effects that eastern medicine has on people and whether eastern medicine has a higher drug abuse rate because people do not view herbalists as legitimate doctors.

  • Write a research paper about why procreation should be stopped en masse. Consider the number of young couples who have children today because their religion encourages repopulating and earth even though the earth is today overpopulated and there is no longer any economic or social need for children. You can focus on why people had so many children in the past and how many of them passed away before becoming adults. You can then write about how children today no longer bring income into the family and instead are a drain on family income.

  • Write a research paper about the feminization of men in western society today. Focus on the number of reality television shows where the man is a fat and stupid and lazy man who is with a younger and much more attractive and smarter wife. The men are never portrayed as strong or masculine in reality television shows or in regular television shows. Even in movies is it rare to find a strong male lead who is not shown as a criminal or an abusive man. You can write about the effect this has on modern boys and men.

  • You can also write about how high stress is placed on men that is not acknowledged in modern society. Men today are asked to be the “man of the house” and the “breadwinner”. While women demand equality they still demand that the man pay for the home and for the bills. They still demand that the man get a great job and continue to cover living expenses while also being home all the time to be a good father and husband. Men are seemingly stuck and are either berated for not making enough money or working hard enough or for working too hard and not being around as often to pay attention to the wife and kids. Talk about the psychological damage this causes and what measures can be taken to put an end to it.

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