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Grouping, Sequencing, and Documenting Information for a Term Paper

When a student gets a term paper assigned, it can be easy for them to become overwhelmed with a lot of information. This doesn’t have to be the case because there are simple organizational processes that exist to help organize information into portions that are easily understandable. The most important thing a student can do is to look for examples which show the proper grouping, sequencing and documenting required presenting the information for a term paper appropriately.


Just like with any academic activity one of the first organizational steps a person needs to take are to put information that is similar together. This grouping will allow for a natural flow in your term paper. There are often several different groups of information that are presented in any term paper. To separate them this way allows for an outline to be constructed that the author can refer back to. When inevitable questions arise, in the term paper process, these groups of ideas and information will be easily referred to.


Writing academic papers is not so much about being a talented writer but in practicing the right writing process time and time again. Sequencing is placing the information into some order of importance. In every topic there are going to be pieces of information which are more valuable for proving your thesis and supporting the ideas of the papers. This is placing your facts into an order of importance so a reader will see the relevance of the information. When creating an outline the student will have to make decisions about all of the elements that they are including in their term paper. These are going to be important as a thesis is supported over the course of a paper.


Documenting can be a time consuming and difficult part of the term paper process. However being organized can really help make it flow much easier. All specific quotes, information or facts have to be supported in the context of the term paper. Otherwise there would be no way to know how valid the information being used is. It is considered plagiarism to present someone else’s work as your own. Proper citation will avoid this from happening. There are many different forms of proper citation and each are appropriate. Different instructors are going to require different methods. Know what your instructor’s expectations are and follow them. Documenting is much easier if you keep your references noted in detailed fashion in your notes.

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