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A List Of Great World War 2 Research Paper Topics For College

World War II presented numerous talking points including politics, technology, international relations and human rights. It is studied in different disciplines as students and scholars try to understand its impact on life then and now. For a topic to be appropriate for a research paper, it must be narrow enough to capture a particular aspect of the war. Here are topics and areas that would make your research interesting

  1. African American relations and their rights-
    • What was the impact of the war on the African American freedom movement and rights?
  2. American involvement- American was a late entrant into the war.
    • Was the time of entry significant in the war? What issues are not clear about American involvement? Could early involvement in the war have reduced losses?
  3. Art- a lot of art is attributed to the war. It includes poetry, letter writing, sculpture work, drawing, etc. It spreads across the world and adopts different themes.
    • What art movement emerged out of the events of the Second World War? Which work of art tells the story of the war in the most captivating and believable way?
  4. Government operations- a lot of government and international relation changes happened before, during and after the war. They provide enough ideas on effective research paper topics.
    • How did the events of the war affect multilateral and bilateral government relationships? What clandestine operations led to the success or failure in WWII?
  5. Transport and Communication- communication was necessary in winning the war. A lot of technology is attributed to the war period. Road, air and sea transport as well as radio communication defined victory during war and were developed alongside war strategies.
    • How and what events inspired development of various communication gadgets and technology? What construction technology was inspired by the war?
  6. Families- families were separated as soldiers went to war. To remain in contact, different tactics were used. The level of involvement for different family members also varied. Settling after the war was another challenge with orphans, widows and widowers.
    • Did WWII lead to emergence of new family customs? How were children of soldiers affected?
  7. Medicine- medical technology for use in remote areas was developed at the time. There also was the concern about armies and the fear of importing diseases.
    • What medical advancements were made during the war? How did penicillin help armies to win the war?

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