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Who Can Correct Grammar Errors In Your Essay?

When proofreading and editing your essay, you may find that you need a little assistance in correct grammatical errors. There are several common errors that writers make when it comes to grammar.

The top three errors are:

  1. Run on sentences
  2. A run on sentence is when you have two independent clauses in the same sentence without the proper conjunction or punctuation. Some sentences main contain a comma when they should contain a semi-colon.

  3. Agreement between subject and verb
  4. When writing a sentence in the present tense, you have to have your subject and your verb agree in number. This can get a little more confusing when you have a lot of adjectives describing the subject but if it is plural than the verb has to be plural too.

  5. Incorrect use of apostrophes
  6. Apostrophes are used to show possession and contractions. Therefore you need to use them if you are describing the subjects object. You wouldn’t use them if you are not putting two words together in a contraction. Who can help me?

With that in mind, there are several different places to get help correct grammatical errors.

  1. There are individuals available online that can help edit your paper. They may charge a small fee for their services but these professional writing services are sure to rid your paper of grammatical errors and may offer a few more tips to make your paper better.

  2. Your word processing program usually comes with a spell check and grammar check option. This can be one way to find a lot of errors that you may have missed initially. It won’t catch all of the errors but it will point out a few of the major ones. It can catch a run on sentence, and apostrophe error, and a mismatched subject and verb agreement. It just won’t catch it every time.

  3. Your school may have a writing center that you can visit. This is a great place to find someone to help edit your paper for you. There are also several more advanced grammar checks that you can use to find errors in your work. The writing center can help you find one that is available to you.

Don’t lose points due to common grammatical errors. Have your work graded on your words and not some technicalities. If you find the right grammar help, you are sure to get better grades and it will help you understand and not make similar errors in the future.

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