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Factors Affecting The Likelihood Of Marriage

Marriage is an institution that is considered sacred although many people take it lightly. It is not easy to work out a marriage but many people have found themselves in it. Well, while people are supposed to make a choice before plunging into one, not many have had the free will to choose to be in one. So the question here is, why have so many people made the decision to get married? Every individual has reasons why they have gotten themselves in marriage. There are very many contributing factors leading to marriage today. The likelihood of marriage is thus dependent on a variety of factors and not just one.

Generally, there is usually a neutral feeling of taking up the right thing when a woman gets pregnant. The pregnant girl fears being alone in that situation and the thought of being a single parent scares her of. The subject of having a child outside wedlock is usually a humiliating affair to many. Therefore, the two choose to take up the responsibility and finally find themselves in a nuclear family. Therefore, marriage in this scenario has been forced by the circumstances of unwanted pregnancies.

The issue of citizenship has also been an important contributory factor in making the decision for marriage. This is carried out in order for an individual to get working as well as living rights in a given country. In various occasions, there is normally no relationship between the two parties involved. A man may bribe a woman using money to assist him in getting documents to deter him from deportation. Immediately after that, they usually part ways now that the mission is accomplished. Therefore, this is also a scenario that could see the likelihood of a marriage.

Marriage can also be forced by the desire of getting rich quickly. In this case, females and males give in a lot in this greedy investment. What happens is that, a person of either gender may pursue a well able and stable unsuspecting partner for life support. Therefore, marriage could result out of this desire for monetary gain. At the end of the day, it is a marriage by fair means or foul. Definitely, there are quite a number of factors affecting the likelihood of marriage and the situations are totally different. Most of the many marriages today are not genuine and there is a lot of fishiness that is usually a disappointment to many.

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