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The Top 10 Interesting Economic Term Paper Ideas

In the event that you are writing an economic term paper or if you are sitting for an economics course and you are running short of ideas, it is important that you pay attention to some of the things that are happening around you and you will easily find a good topic to write on. One of the best things about economics is the fact that you can basically take a look at some of the things that are happening around you and you will have a good topic to write on.

The following are some simple topics that you can consider:

  1. Minimum wages
  2. This is a very good discussion topic, especially when you choose to look at how these kinds of wages affect the performance of the economy. Look at the positives and the negatives that affect such practices and the impact of the same on employers, employees and the consumers.

  3. Bankruptcy
  4. What are the effects that declaring bankruptcy will have on the individual, especially with an inference on the changes that occur in their lives as soon as they make this declaration.

  5. Crowdsourcing (outsourcing)
  6. Outsourcing has been a trend in the past, and it is one that keeps growing from time to time. Because of this reason it is important for you to look into the challenges and the benefits that this form of business portrays for new age and existing businesses.

  7. Financial crisis
  8. The global financial crisis hit the world so hard, and it is one of those topics that economics students should be able to handle very easily. You can look at it from different perspectives, such as the preventive measures and how to get back up from the ruins

  9. Healthcare economics
  10. How much the government should be spending on healthcare for the residents, especially those who are not able to afford premium medical care?

  11. Domestic poverty
  12. Poverty is a topic that economists will always find an interesting one to look at

  13. Inflation
  14. The effect of inflation on the economy and the residents’ ability to spend

  15. Immigration and the effects thereof
  16. The impact of an influx of immigrants in to the country, legal or otherwise and how this population affects the rest of the society

  17. Devaluation of the currency
  18. Look at the impact of currency valuation and devaluation on the economy

  19. Balance of payments
  20. This is taking a look at the trade between countries and the balances in exports and imports.

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