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Selling Custom Essays to Students – Pros and Cons

Today fierce competitions exist not only in the business world but also in the classroom among peers. Students need to set themselves apart from their peers with the best essays to get top grades.There are many companies that sell custom essays and offer them to students while meeting their deadlines. Students can buy such essays from these services. These companies often state to specialize in writing on all topics, so they are able to customize them for the students according to their requirements and specifications. There are pros and cons to this situation.


  • Many students find it very difficult to come up with ideas and organize their thoughts. They are also under a lot of pressure with several activities. Custom written essays can get students their desired grades without them putting in long and stressful hours of work.
  • Custom essays are written by professionals and they completely adhere to the specifications set out by the student. The content will also be unique and of good quality if you go for a good and reputable service. They also possess anti-plagiarism software that can detect if there is anything unoriginal in the work submitted by their writers. The plus point is that the quality will be good and can be availed at a reasonable price.
  • Many students also have jobs to attend to or families to support and don’t find much time to devote to research and writing perfect essays. They also may not have much support in from the seniors or professionals and advisors. Custom essays are the perfect answer in such cases.


  • Many students resort to downloading essays from various websites. These sites contain essays that have already been used by several other students. Of course, the advantage is that they are available for free, but the student needs to add some new insights to it and make several changes, which again involves a lot of research and time.
  • When everything is prewritten, the student will not be able to select a particular writing style that he wants. When the professor wants a particular subject written in a specific tone, custom essays might be a bit of a problem. The student has to make a proper scrutiny of the custom essay and make changes to the tone according to the professor’s requirements.
  • Custom essay services can be quite expensive. This is because you need to employ professionals in the particular field in order to get a truly worthy paper that is in tune with the requirements for the student.
  • Finding the right custom essay service provider can be difficult as there are several such companies. It is not much fun to get a poorly written custom essay that fails to provide you with the necessary marks.

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