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Student Essays for Sale – Big Problem


Today students may find themselves in a situation when they have a couple of papers due at the same time and some of them are not able to complete those due to stress or time limitations. To their relief many companies offer custom essay writing services for all kinds of college essays on all topics. The services by these companies are aimed at assisting students and supplying them with essays written by professional writers who are experts on the specific subject. Not all students are capable of writing on such topics on their own and it’s inevitable that they need help sometimes.

Unoriginal Content

Many professors and tutors, however, feel that this kind of assistance from custom essay providers can be a bit of a problem. They feel that students need to do the research themselves and learn to tackle a challenging assignment such as a report, research papers or term paper on their own. The problem also arises due to the fact that many of these essays are not completely original and may cause more problems for the student.

The internet is taking over all aspects of our lives at various levels. Academics are no exception. More problems might arise with online custom essay services because the entire purpose of an assignment gets defeated when the student tries to get the work done by another person. Eventually, the student might even fail to graduate or find a job within the field.

Ethical Issues

Such services can be considered unethical and could actually be ruining the lives of the students. The students are supposed to be finishing such assignments on their own and the use of writing services can be considered as cheating. Some of custom essays can also be written by foreigners whose native language is not English. Hence, the essays cannot meet the expectations of the native English speaking colleges or universities students. The intellectual growth in the country is also going to be affected by this matter. Since most of the stuff is recycled, the student can get suspended or even dismissed for plagiarism which is considered a serious offense. Most professors know the level a student can write and they can easily detect when an essay is written by a professional. Many times, the custom essays also contain incorrect information and the formatting might also not be up to the required standard.

A student can learn so much while trying to research on a topic and write an essay. You are simply wasting your time and college education when you buy custom essays online.

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