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How To Write A Case Study Paper?

A case study paper is more about data analysis and less about flourished writing. Instead of making sure that your words are descriptive and “sound pretty” you want to create a formal document that can be used to analyze mathematical data and present your findings in a clear “straight to the point” fashion. Although a case study paper, is a form of essay or report writing it is very different because of the way that the research needs to be analyzed. Instead of pulling evidence from various examples, the only research resource that you should use to draw your conclusions is the data that is presented from the business account. The main difference being that you must assume that the data being presented has been accurately reported and that it tells the whole story.

Analyzing Case Study Data

Unlike a essay or written assignment that requires you to find all of your own resources the case study data will be presented to you. This eliminates the need for doing any extra research; in fact many case study assignments will require that students use only the research data that they are given. Although looking for external articles that may help you better understand the case that you are looking at no outside information is required with the acceptation of comparing one case study to another.

Once you have been presented with your data, the task at hand is looking at it critically and making your deductions (and thesis) based off of your findings. Try to look for trends and consistencies first, in order to identify what is happening within the account. The transactions that you are looking at should tell a story, whether it be profit or deficit, the account should tell you where things are heading. From this information you can write a conclusive hypothesis and thesis that describes what you have observed based on these trends. For example;

Through looking at the account data critically we can assume that within a 12 month period (insert business name) will be reporting a 20% profit, if these trends continue.

Although there are still other external factors at play, all you need to concern yourself with is the data at hand. Think of yourself as an accountant or financial manager, your responsibility is only to report what you observe from the numbers that you have access too.

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