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What is meant by stylish academic writing?

There has always been a feeling or belief that much academic writing is dull, dry and boring. Perhaps this is true in part. But all writing, including academic writing, should always be interesting, absorbing and above all, stylish. One of the best ways to create style in your academic writing is to choose the wording of your title. No matter how interesting the title might be, if the wording of the title is technical and uninviting, the writing will lack style. Aim to make the title provocative. Remember that less is often more. Just think of some of the academic titles you’ve seen and note how dry they seem. Work on re-writing these titles into something snappy, inviting and stylish.

Stylish academic writing is no different from any other stylish form of writing and therefore should always have a cracking opening sentence. If you are making a thesis statement as your opening sentence then do so with power. What you want to do is grab the power of the word and so grab the attention of the reader. As the adage goes, ‘start as you mean to go on’. Spend time on making your opening inviting and stylish.

Turn it into a tale

Yes it is academic writing and yes it has to follow a format and various requirements of the institution for whom it is being written, but that doesn't necessarily excuse you from creating stylish writing. Turn your academic writing into a tale. You are telling a story. Make it personal. Make it a narrative. Build the argument as you would build the plot in a thriller. Lead onto the climax or conclusion.

Language is so important in all forms of writing but to keep your academic writing stylish, avoid highfalutin language, super technical terms and any other vague references. Use plain language. Use precise language. And never neglect the human aspect of your writing. By adding the personal touch, the human touch, you add style to your academic writing.

Lazy writing is just that, lazy

When it comes to the proofreading and revising and the editing of your academic writing, to make sure you have style in your work you work hard at removing lazy language. Refine your work. Make it crisp and clean. Take as much time over the revision as you did in the research and writing. The tightest writing has the right writing style.

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