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Good persuasive essay topics for college:
using professional help

You are in college now. They expect you to be working on another level at this point. To write a persuasive essay you will still be using all of the English work that you leaned in high school plus all of the English they have taught in college already. You have to integrate the two together. Your first few essays will be the most difficult and some people have trouble with them all. Use some professional help to get you through it. So what are your options?

  • Speak with your professor
  • Work with a college level English tutor
  • Use information on the net

Speak with your professor

Your professor knows what he or she expects from this essay. Talking to them will allow you to understand exactly what they want this essay to be. What are the requirements? What topics do they think work best? What do they want to see from you in this essay? Ask them every question that you can think of to get a greater understanding of what it is that is expected of you.

Work with a tutor

College tutors tend to do the work for extra money so this might cost more than the other options that you have. Some tutors can be appointed or work for free but it is likely they will want to be paid for their work with you. Try to get a tutor in a higher grade than you for best results. They can walk you through what a college essay should look like. This should be a real asset and don’t be afraid to ask questions!

Go online

The internet is a vast scholastic resource. Use it as such. There are papers, essays and tutorials on writing persuasive essays. People who now teach the subject write some. There is a lot of great information out there for you to look through in order to get an idea of what they are looking for. Use this resource as much and as often as possible. It can really help you with anything.

Writing an essay of any kind will be different in college than it was in high school. You are not just expected to know the basis, it is now required of you. This is a whole new game now. Getting all of the information you can get will help you if you let it. Never be too afraid to ask for help that you end up hurting yourself.

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