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Why Did Judas Betray Jesus?

If there is one question that cannot be answered easily, this is it. This matter causes outrage among millions of Christians all over the world. Judas’ betrayal was a crime so heinous that it is difficult to find the words to describe it. What could have really pushed a man to do something like this?

There is a lot of controversy about the reasons behind this betrayal. However, researchers and clerics managed to work out a workable theory over the years. According to them, the first reason behind Judas’ heinous act is the idea that he did not genuinely believe in the divine nature of Jesus. According to the scriptures, he addressed Jesus as “Rabbi”, while the other disciples called him “Lord”. Judas not professing his undying loyalty and not acknowledging the standing of his teacher proves that in his heart, he did not see Jesus as the God incarnate. He considered his teacher to be just another man. Therefore the betrayal, although a despicable act in and of itself, was considered as an acceptable action by Judas.

Another reason for Judas’ betrayal was his lack of a close, personal relationship with Jesus. The absence of this bond when combined with his lack of belief in his teacher’s divine nature, led Judas to see Jesus as not only as a man, but also a man who was not close or important enough to risk his own self. The distance that existed between Jesus and this particular disciples is evident in the order in which all disciples were mentioned in the scriptures.

The last reason is the easiest to understand. Judas himself was merely a man, and as such, he was susceptible to many human faults. Greed is one of these, and is exactly what drove him to commit this horrible betrayal. If you consider this reason, you will understand that although despicable, this is something that could have been predicted. Men often fall victim to passions and greed, and there were both at play in this situation. Many people do not agree with this explanation. However, they have no logical arguments to offer as an alternative. They simply accept Judas’ betrayal as the devastating tragedy that it was, without looking for the reasons that pushed the man towards this act.

When you look at the most horrid betrayal in history from a logical point of view, you can see that it was unavoidable. It was committed by a man, and that in itself explains this despicable act. It is human nature to be greedy and put oneself above others. Not everyone shares this view, but there are enough people who do agree to explain why things like this happen.

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