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A List Of Easy Research Paper Topics In World History

Well the first thing we need to do is to define the word easy. It is certainly easy to find plenty of research paper which covers world history. But finding them might be easy, but writing about them may not be easy. Of course one of the reasons why a world history topic for a research paper could be described as easy is because it has plenty of relevant and accessible research material.

Let's face it the research paper needs to show evidence that you've done some research. You need to read widely in order to create your research paper. And to prove that you read widely you need to include relevant supporting quotations. Your teacher or professor, the person reading your research paper, will have done just that hundreds if not thousands of times before. You can't pull the wool over the eyes of your examiner.

Obviously if there are topics regarding world history which appeal to you, then they should go to the top of the list of your potential topics. Any topic which excites enthusiasm in the writer of the research paper is a genuine contender. And remember that getting permission from your teacher or professor regarding your choice of topic before you start is a very sensible move. If you want to avoid writing about a topic, no matter how easy it might be, but which has been written about by vast numbers of students before you, then check out your title beforehand.

Here are some research paper topics in world history which some of you may find to be easy.

  1. The history of Halloween.
  2. The history of organized labour.
  3. The causes of the French Revolution.
  4. Life in Pompeii before the volcano erupted.
  5. The breakup of the Soviet Union.

Now the first test you can apply to a topic being easy is the focus it brings. The history of Halloween has a short and sharp focus. You can pinpoint when the ritual began and why. It is easier to write a research paper when the topic has a narrow focus. The opposite is true.

If the topic in world history is broad, you will struggle to choose which points to write about. There are so many. Aim for a topic with a specific aspect. When you find that type of topic, you should find it easier to write.

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