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How to Choose an Unusual Topic for Your Argumentative Papers

Topics can be hard. They are arguably the most important part of your paper. Your topic defines your entire piece, sets the mood, and dictates where the paper ends up going and what it becomes. If you change your topic part way through writing, you have to redo everything; nothing is reusable. That’s why choosing a great topic in the first place is the best way to avoid headaches and unnecessary stress. Most students are anxious over their homework enough as it is; you don’t need an extra worry on your plate.

Finding just the right topic can be a task all in itself, but here are a few basic ideas to finding a great and unusual topic:

  1. Search the internet. This is the place that I always go when I need something for a paper topic. You can find all sorts of related ideas, controversial conversations, and more. There is really no limit here.
  2. Ask your friends. If you have some students in your class working on this same paper, even better. You can brainstorm with them, and talk about each of your ideas and help each other make them more unusual and more relevant to the class at the same time.
  3. Talk to your teacher. That’s what they’re there for: to help their students. If your teacher has a particular style or range of topics that he likes reading, that will give you an idea for a topic that will get a great mark.
  4. Interview people already working in the field of your choice. This is great because it gives you an alternate perspective from your own as well as fellow students. These people have been through what you’re doing right now and they have more experience as well.
  5. Look through books. Books are your friend; if you haven’t been researching things based on your topic yet, do it now. You might find just the right idea in your reading.
  6. Find journals or articles you haven’t read yet. This is similar to #5. Just research more and get a more general knowledge so that you have more ideas to draw from.
  7. See if you can find some old essays from this same class, the older the better. If you can, this is great because they will be too old for anyone to remember, and have already gotten a good mark.

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