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What To Know Looking For Great MLA Essay Examples

Working within one of the strict formats of writing can often seem daunting, but once the format has been learned many people find it easier to write their paper because they realize is expected of them. Not only is it easier to write in a formal style, markers can find that they are able to think only about the content of a paper as the strict format levels out any irregularities of presentation.

One of the most popular strict formats for writing in the English was developed by the Modern Language Association Language and is generally called the “MLA format”.

When first starting out with writing in any format it is helpful to see how other people have used it. But how do you understand if it is a good or a bad sample? First you have to learn what the style entails.

Basics of MLA Style

  • Write your composition on computer and print it out on 8.5 X 11 paper with 1in margins, top and bottom, left and right and double spaced throughout.
  • The first line of each paragraph is ½ in from the left hand margin.
  • Use a regular 12 pt font with distinct italic and ordinary characters.
  • Only leave one space after punctuation marks.
  • You are required to paginate throughout in the top right hand corner along with your last name and in line with the right hand margin.
  • Titles of books should be in Italics, otherwise italics used for emphasis should be few and far between.
  • References are cited in text and parenthetically.
  • Endnotes should be on a separate page, just before your Works Cited page
  • The title of your work should be centered at the top of the work but not italicized or underlined.

Where to find examples

  • The temptation is to search online for samples but how do you know if they are goodenough? One way is to type “Academic” or “Scholastic” into your browser search field, this may take you to more appropriate sites.
  • There are agencies that write essays for students. They often display samples of their work on their website. As bad work would be bad advertising, these are the best samples they can offer, to attract customers.
  • Online writing labs which teach the various writing style also display copies of work from their best students.
  • If you ask at your college library they may have kept copies of work that is not available online.

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