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Cask of Amontillado Summary

Title of the Story

The story The Cask of Amontillado was authored by Edgar Allan Poe, and its first publication was done in 1846. The conspicuous terms in the title are Cask and Amontillado. Amontillado is a type of Spanish sherry and the cask is basically a barrel.


Montresor is the narrator and Fortunato is the victim of plot and the eventual murder.

Plot of the Story

Montresor narrates to unspecified audience about his vengeance mission towards Fortunato. The narrator feels that Fortunato has insulted him and cannot take the insult anymore. He secretly plans to settle his anger, but he is wary of the dangers towards himself that might arise if the mission backfires. Ironically, he also wants Fortunato know who his actual murderer is. For these reasons, the narrator maintains a disguised friendship with Fortunato while the plot is secretly hatching.

Montresor progresses his mission by baiting Fortunato. Accordingly, the narrator entices Fortunato by inviting him to his home by exciting him that he has acquired a barrel of Amontillado. During this time, at least according to the narrator, the servants in Montresor’s home are away for the night. The next thing narrator informs the audience is arrival of his supposedly guest and how they headed to catacombs via staircase.

The narrator explains the encounter with the victim at the carnival by describing how Fortunato dressed. Note that Fortunato is drunk. As a result, the Fortunato starts throwing accusation to Montresor for not being a mason, remember Fortunato is now getting goofy. The narrator explains how he dismisses the accusations while the duo progress to the far end of the catacombs. The poor drunk Fortunato is still asking for more sherry while the Montresor is busy building a wall to bury him in catacombs. It took just some few feet of the wall to make Fortunato sober. As the wall approached half-way, the narrator tells the audience that Fortunato started screaming. The duo exchanged mockery and pleads respectively until Fortunato stopped begging. As he winds the wall, the narrator says Fortunato was no longer responding at the time. He could only hear the jingling of Fortunato’s costumes when he threw a torch inside. He finally explains the last urge of his heart, but he goes to finalize the wall. The narrator ends the tale by wishing the victim peaceful rest.

Brief Analysis

The story is a well-hatched plot that can be summarized as a case of burying enemy alive. Montresor’s logical plots achieved the results. Many would criticize the story, but according to me, as long as the end justified the means, Montresor succeeded.

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