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Prompts for writing your first research paper

Writing a research paper or any paper for that matter can be difficult. It may be that the topic is unusual. It may be a topic in which you have no prior knowledge. Or it may be that your brain has hit a roadblock. Whatever the situation, it can be of enormous help in creating a research paper if you know about writing prompts. These are simple devices designed to get you thinking. They help you develop ideas and points that you can make in your research paper.

Staring at a blank computer screen or a blank piece of paper can be a daunting prospect. What can I write? Give me an idea that I can use to make a start. Well the information in this article is designed to help you tackle that very situation.

Write freely

The idea here is to write without any inhibition. You forget about such things as relevance, correct spelling, punctuation and certainly importance. You simply write whatever comes into your mind in relation to the word or words in the writing prompt.

Now the best writing prompts are those which in some way are related to the topic of your research paper. So look at the topic and the words in your research paper and take a word or words from the topic. That becomes the heading on your computer screen or piece of paper. Now you let it rip. You write freely anything which comes into your mind in relation to the word or words in your writing prompt.

his may only take a minute or perhaps longer. But once you stop you can look at the collection of words you have created. And from one or more or many of these words you are able to think of an idea, and use these points in your research paper.

Do it often

One of the main benefits of a writing prompt is that if you do this type of exercise on a regular basis, your mind will get used to it. It may be that you are ready to write your research paper and feel that you have plenty of ideas to go on with. That's great. But if you spend five or ten minutes every working day going through some simple writing from exercises, you will get your brain firing and getting used to creating ideas and points of view. The more you do it the better at it you will become and writer’s block, even if it does exist, will no longer be a problem.

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