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Pride & prejudice is considered as one of the best romantic fiction novel by the eighteenth century English novelist Jane Austen. The novel has been included in the syllabi of several academic courses to acquaint the youngsters with the early pieces of modern literature. The following text will help you look through a list of remarkably thorough and unique topics for your essay on P&P:

Thematic Questions:

  • Keeping in mind the main theme of the novel, identify 3 more and briefly explain them.
  • The author has frequently employed humor and irony in the story. Differentiate between the two with example.
  • Discuss the novel in terms of society and its impact on the individual.
  • The story revolves around the socioeconomic class difference between Ms. Bennet and Mr. Darcy. Keeping this in mind give your views about the concept of “marriage of convenience” prevalent in the story.
  • This book is Austen’s attempt on portraying Elizabeth as a woman of the modern world. How so?

Text Questions:

  • What do you have to say about Ms. Elizabeth’s relationship with her family? Is she particularly close to them?
  • Discuss Elizabeth’s first impression of Mr. Darcy when she comes across him at the ball? Did it change as the story proceeded? If so, how?
  • How is Elizabeth different from the rest of her sisters? Is it her outright liberal views and morals or her pride? Explain.
  • Mr. Darcy and Caroline Bingley have a clear and rigid concept of what an accomplished woman and wife should be like. What is it?
  • Why did Elizabeth reject Mr. Collin’s marriage proposal? Were her parents supportive of her decision? What were the implications of this refusal on their family?
  • Throw some light on the Jane-Bingley, Bennet-Darcy relationships in the story.
  • Why do you think Elizabeth wasn’t very fond of Lady Catherine de Bourgh? How does Mr. Darcy fit into the picture?
  • The author has portrayed Charlotte and Elizabeth as two completely different personalities. What is your perspective on this?

Some Questions about the Author:

  • Jane Austen named the novel First Impressions when she initially started drafting it. Between the two titles, which one would you suggest a better fit for the story and why?
  • Pride and Prejudice considered one of the best works of Austen. How does it vary from the rest of her literary works?

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