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Essay writing guide: conducting the cause/effect analysis

Essay writing usually follows a specific format of five parts including the introduction, three body or main content paragraphs and in the last the conclusion of the essay. Students follow this pattern and write a beautiful short essay but here are other ways introduced by the great writers to write an essay. One of them is conducting the cause versus effect analysis.

Cause/effect analysis:

The cause/ effect basically are a procedure which involves a statement or argument which is the effect of the thoughts that are referred to as cause.

The cause effect analysis is of two types:

  1. An identified cause generates a definite effect.
  2. An effect is generated by the unidentified cause.
  • Cause effect analysis is a motivating scheme for the students and teachers both.
  • This analysis is mostly applied in the sciences where it uses scientific techniques to apply this analysis.
  • The rationale of the cause and effect analysis is to make clear the causes and effects of somewhat.
  • The pitch of this type of essay is mostly composed and intent.
  • In the compound condition the writer of the essay divert from explaining to the arguing and focusing on the effect that how it is generated. What is the cause behind this statement?
  • While applying the cause effect analysis the writer must be very sure about the topic. The topic of the essay should not be s broad that it contains a complex of issues while the topic should be narrow. It will keep the focus of the writer to one issue and the cause/effect analysis is done more sophisticatedly.
  • The time management is the basic demand for the cause/effect analysis in an essay.
  • The thesis statement or problem statement of the essay helps in keeping focus on the topic and help in generating many effects by explaining causes.
  • The reader or observer of your essay is expecting that you have used many logics to define the causes of the statements that you have written in your essay.
  • Commonly more than one cause is required to explain the effect in your essay.
  • The pitch of such essays does not remain same throughout the essay. Sometimes it goes on peak when the writer is very much confident about the argument he is writing. On the other hand when the writer is not confident about the argument and he do not find it easy to write the cause the tone becomes flexible.

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