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Avoid clichés in your academic papers

When you are writing a paper it is easy to utilize common terms to describe certain events or things within your paper. These common terms can often times be referred to as clichés. Clichés are used to describe many things, though they are universally recognized within this society. When you are writing an academic paper you will notice that most professors ask that you shy away from using such phrases. These phrases take away from your article and diminish the articles uniqueness. Common cliches that many use include dead as a doorknob, or as quiet as a mouse. Today discussion will be centered around how to avoid cliches in writing.

How to avoid clichés:

The first step in avoiding clichés is to identify them in your work. While you should check you work while you go, often times people write in the heat of the moment. This means as their mind is going a mile a minute, so is there writing. While writing like this one may not pick up on clichés they have employed within the text of their work. To identify a cliche one must read over the text after it has been completed entirely, or paragraph by paragraph. Clichés are often used when comparing two things to one another. We often use them in a metaphorical sense. So when looking over your work look for comparisons and evaluate if the comparison is a cliche.

If you find clichés within your writing you have a few choices. You can keep them in, but make sure they are not frequently recited in the text, or you can change them. Utilize your thesaurus. It will help you come up with replacement words. You should have a basic understanding of the replacement word before use to avoid misuse of the word.

What will become of your work after cliches are removed?

Many people use cliché phases to spice up their writing. They feel as if their articles will be boring if they do not use them, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. You can use terms that add hype to your, but are not referred to as cliche. You can also use simple language that flows logically to make a good piece of prose. Cliches take away from the uniqueness of your article. You want your article to stand out but not in a bad way so avoid the cliche and go for something more original.

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