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What Format Should Be Used When Writing Research Papers?

  • In colleges or higher learning institutions, students are required to write research papers that are used in identifying, scientific technical and science issues. It is a process that requires good planning and organization in order to meet the objectives of the research itself. It also requires consultation and proper understanding of the topic. There are different points to note before the start of writing down the research. These include many important guidelines such as the best format to use in your research.

  • In most cases, every research paper has its own instructions depending on what the examiner require to be done. In writing, there are different formats of writing; these include APA, MLA, Harvard and many more. However, there are different styles that are recommended for different categories of writing. APA is mostly used in science and academic papers. The MLA, Modern Language Association, is used in areas of humanities but strongly recommended for research papers.

MLA Facts

  • MLA is the most recommended format for writing the research papers by the Modern Language Association. However, it should be used properly and its basics should be followed to the letter in order to give the best work for the correct formatting. It requires the writer to double space the text of the paper, notes, quotations and work cited in the list. It also requires the writer to use one-inch margins all around the paper top, bottom, left and right. The other guidelines and its rules must be followed properly for the format to be accepted as MLA.

  • The style specifies rules for formatting and also provides writers with a good way for referencing the sources of the work cited. It improves the credibility of the writer by indicating the accountability to the source material. The main reason why it is the best in research is that, it protects the writer from issues of being accused of plagiarism. Since this is the best format for research work, it is also important for the writer to revise the MLA handbook for writer of research papers for effective use of the format.

Paper Format

  • This requires that a title page should not be made and if it is done, it should be in the instructions given by the examiner. The upper left-hand corner should have the names of the student, instructor, the course and the date; both double-spaced. Student should not underline neither should use italics for the topic or title of the paper. In conclusion, all the rules of MLA should be followed to realize the best result on the research work.

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