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Term Paper Proposal: How to Impress your Professor

Students learn early that the way a professor feels about a student and their work personally is very important. When a term paper is being planned and written in a manner that the process impresses the professor as much as the final product will. This is true in many aspects of life, that the flair and style with which a person does things is almost as important as the product that they produce.

Seek Advice

All people enjoy when someone appeals to their expertise and it is no different with a professor. Ask for suggestions and ideas as the writing process is taking place. It shouldn’t be an all out plea for assistance but a periodical check in to make sure that the paper is moving in the right direction. The term paper proposal should involve the input of the professor if appropriate, because once someone is invested in a project they will want to see it succeed. Asking for the right amount of advice and guidance will build a positive relationship and impress your instructor.

Display Intelligence

Professors enjoy dealing with students who have their act together, are intelligent and interested in learning the subject matter at hand. It only makes sense that as a student interacts with that professor, there should be care to display all of the intelligence and interest that can be mustered at that moment. There is a time to act immature and like a young person. However that behavior should be placed on the back burner as you are talking to or interacting with a professor or their class. Displaying intelligence should be easy to do and should impress your professor as the term paper proposal is made.

Produce Good Work

In all that you do for the class that the term paper is due in, produce a high quality of work. It doesn’t take that much more effort to make sure that work produced is of the highest quality. It doesn’t matter how easy an assignment is, show that you have an interest in being successful. The job of a professor is to teach and educate the students in their classes. Seeing positive enthusiasm for their class and the assignments they have is going to be impressive.

Be On Time

One of the simplest things that a person can do is to be on time with everything. This means showing up on time for every class and being on time or early with every assignment. This does not take intelligence or skill it simply is a choice a person makes. Part of impressing a professor with a term paper proposal is to build a great relationship with the professor and simply being on time can be the most important thing that you do.

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